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"The MaxSpace Comfort System + sets new standards in terms of seating comfort and healthy posture. The neck support deserves special emphasis. It allows a healthy and relaxed position of the head and neck, centrally above the spine and shoulders." - Dr Dieter Breithecker

A correctly chosen car seat, apart from protecting against many types of threats that can impact a child during travel, also provides proper back support. Such protection is provided by MaxSpace Comfort System +. It is a car seat unlike any other. It's Avionaut's answer to the problems related to many spinal ailments that impact children during travel.

MaxSpace Comfort System + owes its ergonomic construction to specialists in the field of paediatric physiotherapy and engineers. No wonder that the seats have received an approval of AGR - the German association for back health, which means that MaxSpace Comfort System + not only prevents back problems and back pain, but can also be helpful in treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system.

Problem: A drooping head during a nap negatively impacts a child's spine, and the lack of cervical spin stabilization puts a load on the muscles.

Solution: A properly selected and tilted seat allows the child to sleep without their head dropping onto the chest. MaxSpace CS+ not only prevents back problems and back pain, but can also be helpful in treating musculoskeletal system related illnesses.


Key Features

  • Seat Width - providing 44cm of space ensuring comfort durng travel
  • Backrest Height - the headrest includes the largest adjustment range available. Growing with the child and ensuring comfortable and safe travel for over 7 years 
  • Fabrics - easily cleaned in the washing machine and soft to touch
  • Seat Length - one of the deepest seats available, making it easy to maintain posture and minimize negative impacts on the spine
  • Installation - easy ISOFix points allow for quick install in 10 seconds
  • Ventilation -vented fabrics and seat structure allow for proper air circulation in the seat
  • Support - the profiled backrest keeps the spine in the correct position during travel, better body control, essentil for children with spinal issues
  • Tilted Position - one handed recline feature for on the go naps
  • Armrests - leather armrests for comfort of use, but also act as the hip bet guide markers
  • Headrest Position Indicator - alloing for precise adjustment of the headrest and height of the car belt to fit the child correctly
  • Side Impact Block
  • Suitable from 100-150cm
  • Certified to R129/03 regulations
  • AGR accreddited
  • Post Accident Replacement from Avionaut




63cm L X 44cm W X 51cm D

Avionaut MaxSpace Comfort System +

  • 2 years as standard. Option to upgrade to Avionaut 10 year warranty 

  • Avionaut customers have the option of replacing the seat with a new one if the previous one
    was involved in a traffic accident. All it takes is a procedure that involves a few simple steps
    for your toddler to travel safely in their new seat.
    You can learn more about the post-accident replacement from the article:

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