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Bike adapter – Grand Tour

Experience the convenience of effortless bike switching with the Axkid Grand Tour Bike

Adapter. This essential accessory allows you to easily connect your trailer to multiple bikes.

Enhance the versatility of your Axkid Grand Tour with the Bike Adapter. This standardised adapter is designed to fit most bikes, allowing you to effortlessly atach and detach the trailer as needed. Whether you're a city commuter or an adventurous cyclist, this accessory ensures a seamless connection between your bike and the Axkid Grand Tour.

This standardised adapter allows you to effortlessly switch your trailer between multiple bikes, making it ideal for families with different bicycles. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of ataching your trailer to any bike and embark on exciting adventures together.

Note: The Bike Adapter is compatible with a wide range of bike models, providing universal compatibility for a hassle-free biking experience.

One bike adapter is included in the Axkid Grand Tour Standard package.

Axkid Grand Tour - Bike Adapter

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