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SAFE AND EASY INSTALLATION - Get on your way quickly with the Britax Römer BABY-SAFE CORE BASE's easy ISOFIX installation - suitable for a wide range of cars and never compromising on safety. Ready to go? The BABY-SAFE CORE infant carrier simply clicks on and off the base, so you're on your way in moments.

EASY RELEASE - The button at the back of the base makes it easy to lift the infant carrier out of the car smoothly.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT LEG - Install the Britax Römer BABY-SAFE CORE BASE safely in your car using the adjustable support leg. The leg fixes to your car's floor to provide extra stability and minimise tilting movements of the car seat. And an easy-to-read indicator shows you when the support leg is positioned firmly on your vehicle’s floor, making it effortless to fit correctly.

Britax Römer Baby-Safe Core Base

  • The core base is compatible with:

    - Britax Baby-Safe Core

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