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Let your little one look forward to a great and safe future as they travel in the safest way possible – in a rearward facing position. With the Britax Römer MAX-SAFE PRO you have a companion, who will protect your little one up to 7 years (125 cm). That way your little travel buddy enjoys rearward facing driving for longer and is prepared for any adventure. Whether it's a short or long trip, with the MAX-SAFE PRO you can be confident that your little sunshine will travel safely and comfortably. What's more, the seat is Made in Germany, offers extra long usability and the installation is easier than ever - no need to worry. Enjoy safe travels together in peace!




REARWARD FACING FOR LONGER : Safest travels up to 7 years / 125 cm

EASY INSTALLATION :With the CLICKTIGHT belt tensioning system and automatic retracting tethers

EXTRA LEG SPACE: For growing children with Spacer

PROTECT YOUR CHILD: SICT reduces the side impact forces by up to 40%*




COMPLETE SAFETY - SWEDISH PLUS TESTED AND UN R129 APPROVEDRely on the MAX-SAFE PRO to keep your little one secure and protected. It's approved to the latest UN R129 regulations, you're perfectly prepared for the regulation change. What's more, MAX-SAFE PRO passed the strict Swedish Plus Test so you know your little one is safe on every journey. ADVANCED SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION – SICTGive your child superior side impact protection and get peace of mind that they're safe on every journey. The Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) minimises the distance between the car and the car seat, reduces the force of a side impact by up to 40%*.REARWARD FACING FOR LONGERRearward facing car seats offer the best protection in the event of a frontal collision. MAX-SAFE PRO provides extended rearward facing travel to shield your little one and minimize harm for longer.DEEP, SECURE SIDE WINGS Cocoon your little one with the soft, padded side wings of the MAX-SAFE PRO, keeping them safe in the event of a collision.EXTRA-SAFE 5-POINT HARNESS5-point safety harness protects your child in the event of a collision by distributing the force of the impact across a greater area.COMFORTABLE, PROTECTIVE HEADRESTEnsure optimum protection in a side collision: the V-shaped headrest is specially designed to limit the movement of your child's head, and adjusts simultaneously, giving your child space to grow.EASY INSTALLATION WITH A CLICKMAX-SAFE PRO's CLICKTIGHT ensures easy installation. No need to manually tighten belts — just operate the handle and it self-tightens. Installation worries and incorrect setups belong to the past!


INTELLIGENT RETRACTOR FOR A SECURE FITKeep your child safe and snug in MAX-SAFE PRO! Easy installation thanks to automatic retractor tethers for a secure fit. Ready for your next adventure!SPECIAL PROTECTION AND COMFORT FOR INFANTSMake your sunshine feel cozy with the infant insert. It cradles your baby in a more reclined position, up to 87 cm, providing extra comfort and security. Nestle them in a warm and loving atmosphere.EXTRA LEG SPACE FOR GROWING CHILDRENWe've got your ever-growing child covered with our Spacer, giving extra leg room.EASY HARNESS FOR RELAXED KIDSThe buckle-forward belly pad makes clipping your little one into their car seat effortless.QUICK-REMOVE WASHABLE COVERMachine washable cover easily detaches from the car seat without removing the harness, so you can get back on the road quicker. SOFT PERFORMANCE CHEST PADSSoft performance chest pads keep your little one safe and comfortable. HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT LEGHeight adjustable support ensures proper installation of the seat in your car for maximum safety.


* Britax Römer internal tests and simulations


Britax Römer Max-Safe Pro

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