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Dew Car Seat & Stroller cleaner is a high quality, hard and soft surface cleaner, with strong anti-bac
qualities. Our mineral-based formulation utilises electrolysed water to produce excellent cleansing results and its antibacterial action is 99.99% effective, additionally it is 100% biodegradable. Its active ingredients help to remove fabric stains, grease and grime, leaving your child’s car seat and stroller hygienically clean and surfaces ‘sticky free’.


Dew Car Seat & Stroller cleaner is Free from alcohol, parabens, scents or dyes, so it is non-irritant and it’s vegan friendly too. No need to dilute or rinse, simply spray onto the desired area and wipe with a clean cloth, for tougher stains spray and leave for 2-3 minutes before gently scrubbing with a soft scourer.


Dew Car Seat & Stroller cleaner contains no harmful chemicals, so it will not endanger the health of your child, quite the opposite in fact, because its antibacterial properties are 99.99% effective, providing that extra level of hygienic protection. Additionally, it is certified by Allergy UK.


Dew Car Seat & Stroller cleaner is refillable, saving you money and reducing plastic waste and, because it is 100% biodegradable, it is kind to the environment, even better still, our advanced manufacturing facility doesn’t produce any nasty waste by-products when we create Dew products. Dew products enhance the power of salt and water, using science, to create safe, reliable, yet highly effective, hypoallergeniccleaners and sanitisers, manufactured in Scotland.

Dew - the world’s kindest cleaning product.

Dew - Car Seat and Pram Cleaner

  • Dew Car Seat and Stroller cleaner can be safely used with:

    - Avionaut memory foam inserts

    - All car seat covers and inserts

    - All car seat harnesses


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