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Keeping Children as Safe as Possible for as Long as Possible

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As a mum of 3 small children I understand how difficult and overwhelming it is choosing children's car seats. In 2019, after my twins outgrew their infant carriers, I found that there was very little information out there around the levels of safety on the next stage seats to protect our little ones. After months of research I was finally able to settle on extended rear facing (ERF) seats for my boys. However the process was a lot more difficult than it needed to be and as a result I decided to get my qualification in children's car seat safety. In October 2020 I became an independent IOSH certified children's car seat safety advisor and started the FB page DMB Car Seat Advice. Now, 2 years on, I am branching out and starting DMB Car Seats, where I can now offer some of the safest car seats on the market to parents, grandparents, guardians, childminders etc, to help keep our children as safe as possible for as long as possible.

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