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KneeGuardKids4 - The Car Seat Footrest

The best travel companion for all children when they move to a forward facing high backed booster.


KneeGuardKids4, the first fully adjustable crash tested footrest helps to maintain the correct sitting position of the child in every forward facing car seat without a support leg in place, whenever tra- velling by car, regardless of the distance. The footrest eliminates numbness in the child’s legs as they will no longer lean against the edges of the car seat which causes pressure under the knees. More importanty, KneeGuardKids, when supporting legs, makes the child's back rest against the seat and their head remains within the protected area. It is easy to assemble and adjust to individual needs of a little passenger. It is suitable for children up to 10 years old. Suitable for cars with and without ISOFIX. In both cases, the footrest is fixed equally securely. In the event of an accident, it does not move around the vehicle cabin, so it does not pose a threat to passengers. It is recom- mended for children who kick into the seat in front or experience sore legs and back. The new mo- del of the KneeGuardKids4 footrest was singled out in the Concept & Innovation Baby Products Association (UK) and Kind+Jugend (DE) competition. _____________________________________________________________________________

When children's legs are dangling, there is strong pressure under their knees and calves; and as a result of disordered blood and lymph circulation, it causes discomfort, numbness, pins and needles and also heavy weight at the knee joints. The footrest maintains the correct position of the hips and back in the car seat, correct seatbelt routing and avoiding kicking the seat in front of them.

Child’s dangling legs cause not only discomfort but also lead to adverse effects, which may be dangerous when traveling by car . Kicking into the back of the seat in front is a symptom that the child feels discomfort and looks for opportunities to improve it. It is very important for the child’s safety to use the child car seat correctly. If the child does not sit in the correct position, even a slight collision or emergency braking may have serious consequences. The child’s limbs may suffer multiple injuries. A car seat will protect child effectively only if they maintain a correct sitting position in a car, like a crash test dummy.


The footrest also helps avoid frequent, forced stops due to child’s discomfort both during long trips and short ones. The footrest is the parents’ investment in the safety, health and comfort of children traveling in a forward-facing high backed booster car seats. It is easy to a