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The new Axkid Movekid!!


  • Extended reaward facing car seat: Ensures amplified protection up to 36kg/125cm, aligning with top safety standards
  • Affordable Excellence: Unparalleled protection that intertwines quality with affordability.

  • Swedish Plus Tested: Certified for utmost protection, meeting rigorous safety standards.

  • Adaptable Comfort: Comes with an extra support and comfort inlay, ensuring evolving comfort for growing children (60-105cm)

  • Space-Savvy Design: Crafted for spacious comfort while maintaining a compact, practical form to fit in even the smallest cars

  • Adaptable recline leg

  • Pull up headrest and harness adjustment: allowing both to move together, no more worries about re-threading!

  • Manual tightening tethers for an easy and secure install

  • Single belt clip lock off

Axkid MoveKid

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