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Rear Facing is FIVE times safer

Travelling with our children in the car is the decision we make as parents. Keeping them as safe as possible in the car is our responsibility. However did you know that keeping children rear facing in their car seats, to the minimum age of 4, is over FIVE times safer than allowing them to travel forward facing in a harness? Neither did I.
This is why I started DMB Car Seats. To share my knowledge and offer you the safest seats on the market for our precious little ones.
Did you know that in a collision, at as little as 30mph, the forces exerted on the child's head neck and spine are 300Kg, in a forward facing seat with a harness, as opposed to only 50Kg in a rear facing harnessed seat?
Did you know that the risk of serious or fatal injury is reduced from 40% forward facing, to only 8% when rear facing.
You can't argue with over 50 years of scientific research and development that are still continuing to help keep our children safe on the road.


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Can’t recommend DMB enough, great advice on suitable seats and managed to source one for us very quickly! Deborah explained and fitted the seat into our car and made sure it was a correct fit for my son. Thank you so much, will definitely recommend you. 5 Stars

Chloe Coutts

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